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Zago PU2

Zago Mold Rubber PU2 display

PU2 video / case study

We won 3 gold awards at the 2024 MUSE Creative Awards.

We won 3 gold awards at the 2024 MUSE Creative Awards

won Gold

Our video for ZAGO Mold PU2 didn't win gold just once, but three times at the 2024 MUSE Creative Awards, in Video-Animation, Video-Technology/Science, and Video-Art & Design categories.

We extend our gratitude to our team for their invaluable contribution, and to the CODES Brand House agency for their support in client communication.

Lastly, our greatest thanks goes to ZAGO Molds for entrusting us with the project and for their invaluable input.

Product story

Scene shot, creation of form

Creation of form

In the video, our objective was to highlight the engineering precision of the molds and showcase the entire Rubber-PU2 process in an engaging manner, using holograms, and transitioning seamlessly into a natural setting.

We also emphasized the Trentino Tree Agreement, demonstrating the company's commitment to restore the forest in the Dolomites region, which was destroyed by the Vaia storm.

Instrument assembly

Instrument assembly

Connection to nature

Connection to nature

Trentino tree agreement — to protect what matters, still frame from animation

Trentino tree agreement — to protect what matters

We won GOLD at the 2024 MUSE Creative Awards!

The MUSE Creative and Design Awards have unveiled their winners for the first competitive season of 2024. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), these competitions received over 8,500 entries from across the globe, affirming their position as prestigious programs honoring creative and design professionals.

The work that led to this victory was created for ZAGO Molds, earning them this prestigious accolade. In the first competitive season of 2024, FRAGMENTAL earns the Gold award in the competition.

Happy moments, Muse Awards Happy moments, 2024 Muse Awards

— Video-Animation,
— Video-Technology/Science
— Video-Art & Design

We are delighted to hear this wonderful news! On behalf of all of us, I congratulate Peter and the whole team for this great achievement. We are glad your talent, creativity and dedication to your work were rewarded with not just one, but three gold medals, and we are very proud to have contributed to this success.

The MUSE Awards recognize excellence across diverse fields, ensuring fairness and accessibility through the International Awards Associate (IAA). Thomas Brandt, IAA spokesperson, emphasizes their commitment to honoring creativity and originality. The jury panel, comprising industry professionals, impartially assessed entries based on industry standards. From 22 countries, 56 jurors were carefully selected, including respected figures like Fizza Shah, Alexandre de Mello Collares, and Felipe Paganoti. Blind judging was employed to maintain impartiality, ensuring each winning work was evaluated solely on its own merits.


ZAGO Mold PU2, by Fragmental

Grass scene, normal map

The form is placed on a stone in nature at the end of the video, highlighting the company's commitment to a sustainable future

Simulation of rubber injection

Simulation of rubber injection — to achieve an artistic impression

3D animation for the Rubber PU2 mold for tridensity footwear with rubber outer-sole and PU insole injected with double ring technology.

PU2 Mould:


Peter Csuz

Kristina Jursova

Jan Kusnir


Jan Garritsen