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Fragmental is a boutique 3D & Motion design studio. We build stronger brand relationships through design, video production, animation, CGI and art direction.

+ Project showcase and R&D

Bringing movement and time together in top-quality visual content.

With the touch of a button, you can set play in motion—we know that all it takes to get things moving is a little movement.

your audience to
engaging places,
tell stories

SFZ, Main Visual Element

Slovak Football Association - Visual element

Artra Black - Dragon, animation frame

Artra Black - Dragon, animation project

Turn your ideas into an inspiring product journey. Bespoke visual content for product launches or presentations. Renderings of your products, including renderings and marketing videos.


+ 3D interior visualisation, Lakeside Lodge

Lakeside Lodge, Chile - Bedroom

Whether your vision lies in the digital or physical space, Fragmental offers architecture services that blur past and present for creative brands. We imbue all our projects with emotional freedom, and we'd love yours to be next.

3D interior visualisation, Annas bedroom, London

Annas bedroom, London — Argent Design Limited

Lobby visualization, Greenpark

Greenpark, Lobby

to visualize

3D renderings

3D exterior visualization of Kilburn Square in London

Kilburn Square, London — Integration of a 3D model with photography | Haviar, PRP Architects LLP

Tech nicaldetails

Sheeting of the chimney

Faccade Detail, Celox

Schueco window renderings


The architecture is placed in real or virtual places without the boundaries of reality or present time, with freedom in creating art, places, emotions.

Balcony Systems, aluminum profile — Celox


From custom visual content to product launches and presentations, we render your products in captivating visual form for all the world to see

+ Light steaks animation, Artra

Artra Raptor — light steaks R&D

the new

Opening scene for Zago Molds

Zago Molds - Emotive video

Oxyworld - visual element

Oxyworld water drink, TV spot — Oxyworld


Your story redefined by Fragmental

Build a stronger relationship with your audience through custom-branded video content that catches the eye. Engaging format that leaves an impression on viewers.

Motion stories
as a tool for ideas

Fully adapted to the filmmaking, we fearlessly embrace the latest technology and thrive to execute bespoke and innovative ideas.

Video Shooting for Unico Modular and Codes Video Shooting, brand stories — Unico Modular, Codes Creative

Motion graphics (sometimes mograph) are pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects

Animated Frutree Icons, animation by Fragmental — Frutree, Codes